Spike! Magazine Tournament 2011

Best Overall – Dave O’Neill (darkangeldave)
“Gandalf’s Crew” – Dwarf

Coaching – Erik Arntsen (killerbean)
“EA All-Stars” – Norse

Painting – Dan Siger (jollyork)
“Krakow Pox” – Nurgle

Sportsmanship – Jason Weaver (weav)
“Hag Graef HarDrakes” – Dark Elf

Endzone Hog – Ryan Munsell (classicflava)
“Rat Pack” – Skaven

Rambo – Tyler Reeves (lordchaos)
“Death Snatch” – Chaos Pact

The Wall – Dan Armstrong (anvilbrow)
“Big Macs” – Dwarf

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Michael Green (fe2mike)
“Southlands Savages” – Halfling

Glass Joe – Damion Gilzean (tremere)
“Speed Lumps” – Halfling

Random thoughts: Well this was a hell of a weekend. Dave O’Neill managed to go undefeated with his Dwarves, and he still found time to sneak in a Backyardigans concert. Way to go, DAD! Tyler Reeves somehow cracked the code for causing Casualties, once again proving that you can beat the hell out of your opponent and still lose games. Michael Green took home the Stunty Leeg trophy by winning 2 games with Halflings. You know he’s doing something right when flings are tied for TDs with a Lizardman team and a Human – and ahead of 7 other teams! Jason Weaver cinched the Sportsman award when, on realizing that he’d made a mistake on his roster (which we’d failed to catch), he accepted 3 losses without batting an eye – and was the one to point it out to his opponents, no less. Although Dan Armstrong was a contender for the same trophy: on earning “The Wall” for Best Defence, he tried to give it away to Chris Finger, since his one default win in Round 3 felt unfair to him. Way to go guys; Blood Bowl is a real gentleman’s sport. Well, that is, a gentleman’s sport with casualty and death.

Special thanks once more to the sponsors who made our door prize table such a hit. In addition to the coaches who donated items from their own supplies, we received great items from Craving For a Game, Imperial Hobbies, and AEG Games. AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group) broke the bank, sending a case with 13 items. Big hits there included Legend of the Five Rings cards, Thunderstone, Nightfall, Abandon Ship, Straw, Myth Pantheons, Rush and Crush and of course everyone’s favourite, Monkey Lab. Check them out when you have the chance:

We’d also like to thank all of the out-of-towners, including the boys from Alberta (Dave, it wouldn’t be a Spike! without you!), Mike and Rachel from Eastern Washington, the growing Ordo contingent, and a virtual mob of players from the Rat City club in Seattle. Special special thanks go to Andy from Rat City for helping out again with extra boards and also for helping us out with a last-minute trophy SNAFU.

One of our own, Steve Lemky, pulled a coup by designing and arranging the casting of the special give-away model we gave to each of our coaches. A unique Vampire model, it’s well-suited to a Star Player position or as a stand-out model for your Vampire team. We purchased more than we gave away, and we will be selling the limited remainder for $5 each plus shipping. Details to be found here on the “Merchandise” tab. Thanks Steve for raising the bar once again. Thanks too to Kavin Kishor and to Erik Arntsen for all their help with the data entry and sorting; this one was a bitch.

Can’t think of anything else to say right now. As always it was a blast; it was exhausting; and it was great seeing so many coaches out to a summer tournament. Hope to see you and more next year! – Craig

Player NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .Coach . Paint . Sports .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - . Overall
1Dave O'NeilldarkangeldaveDwarf (Gandalf's Crew)5011582125102193204
2Erik ArntsenkillerbeanNorse (EA All-Stars)4021421527137204184
3Andy BrandtKhailSkaven (Rat City Wrecking Crew)30312824291791210181
4Keller ReeveskeggiemckillLizardman (Full Scale Attack)40213614271251016177
5Dan ArmstronganvilbrowDwarf (Big Macs)303128222794103177
6Kavinay KishorWarpstoneUndead (Dead Coast Offence)4111252029106156174
7Chris FingerUndead (Seattle Fauxhawks)4111301525124156170
8Michael AdamsnitnitSkaven (Japocalypse)4201122829127149169
9Tony HoganRedmanHuman (MJ Forever)420113252986167167
10Steve LemkyBlammahamDark Elf (Night Gaunts)3121142627117714167
11Dan SigerjollyorkNurgle (Krakow Pox)213108302974134167
12John MacIntoshAtropabelladonnaNorse (Swedish Superstars)4111231726851814166
13Ryan MunsellclassicflavaSkaven (Rat Pack)42011621271810116164
14Shawn WowkOcrumsprugDark Elf (Dark Tide)31211818271171115163
15Matt BlauhornMajykDark Elf (Slaughterhouse)42011123271210128161
16Dan CoburnvampireloganOrc (Fires Uv Deff)42011615231061110154
17David Rolstadkb10rLizardman (Temple Tzencal)3211052124961317150
18Cameron PeltzMr.BloodweiserHigh Elf (White Lions 2)321992127131259147
19Robby OylearLizardman (Cold Ones)3211031528128109146
20Trevor BowserislandtrevorNorse (Bowza's Bruzas)33089263010101513145
21Dave SuttonDa_ScumOrc (Skaro United)321972226671114145
22Simon ThomsenDr.EvilUndead (Bring Out Your Dead)3211031525861315143
23Mike LawrenceGazgulHigh Elf (Game of Thrones)3308926271413610142
24Mark BurckhardBurkAmazon (Oracle A' Delphi)2228924296656142
25Rob GordonMr.GordonOrc (Hershey Kisses)11496242188121141
26Joseph Patenaudecyrust59Skaven (Razzle Dazzle)2131012316131262140
27Travis ChildsFrostituteWood Elf (Silver Thorns United)3219716251010612138
28Shane O'Briensavion47Skaven (Skitterleap Scramblers)33087242688623137
29Sean ConradBalbaroyElf (Blood Thorns)222842424139415132
30Bob WolfPunkpogoerOrc (Skulltooth Killuz)2317627295985132
31Jason WoodallgollumullogSkaven (Carrion Crawlers)3309415221510724131
32Chris NorrishellcannonNecromantic (Thunderbolts)22289182477913131
33Daniel ThomsonneonknightKhemri (Loot & Rob 'Em)231812226781715129
34Chris RitcheyOrc (WCB Ski Team)231842024782213128
35Shane GabellordshaneWood Elf (Running in Fear)231811828101159127
36Ed Lawedwad69Human (Homo Erectus)12374232957814126
37Toby PowerRustycanOrc (Da Green Boyz)24078182934113125
38Rachel GreenEvilbutgoodChaos Dwarf (D.A.M.M.)23178192869127125
39Chris SlatercasNorse (Direwolves)33084142645411124
40Justin MartynHuman (Nuln Bombers)330821724913811123
41Joshua GainesspockLizardman (Loqumundi)23181152788127123
42Paul BrownakalabethChaos Dwarf (Mad Hatters)2317621266897123
43Michael Greenfe2mikeHalfling (Southlands Savages)240672230571018119
44Michael McAreepoundfistOrc (Triple Wow!)132692028811125117
45Kevin JolyJesterDwarf (Fire Mammoths)240662624613155116
46Trent FrostadTrentusNecromantic (Team Luthor)2317662768127109
47David BurroughsBeorgDwarf (Redmund Rowdies)240612126410134108
48Mike HaskinsAberrantElf (Rainbow Funbunch)132621927911221108
49Marc FrydenlundLizardman (Frys Folly)132621727510614106
50Jason WeaverweavDark Elf (Har Graef HerDrakes)15042293061038101
51Geoff RoscoeBearDwarf (Snow White's Posse)1415620256101010101
52Tyler ReeveslordchaosChaos Pact (Death Snatch)14155112841328994
53Bryan SuavecanadinnerdOrc (Da Ard Iddaz)141561021799887
54Dennis BolindaloonieshamanGoblin (Face Plant)051152729219101871
55Jonathan DawesendycarusGoblin (S.C.U.M. Manifesto)05131122641217769
56Damion GilzeantremereHalfling (Speed Lumps)15025152841561768