Spike! Magazine Tournament 2010

Best Overall – Kavinay Kishor (Warpstone)
“Ratchester United,” Skaven

Coaching – Lee Eisner (Spaceman_Spiff)
“Ghost,” Undead

Painting – Michael Adams (nitnit)
“Blitzkrieg Bop,” Goblin

Sportsmanship – Tony Hogan (Redman)
“Mostly Dead,” Undead

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Mike Lawrence (gazgul)
“Rona’s Ronins,” Ogre

Endzone Hog – Joseph Patenaude (cyrust59)
“Stool Corn,” Skaven

Rambo – Tyler Reeves (lordchaos)
“Death Snatch,” Chaos Pact

Glass Joe- Sean Conrad (Balbaroy)
“Booger Flickers,” Ogre

Random thoughts: Well this year Kavin ran away with it. With 22 TDs in 6 games, his Coaching score was well enough ahead of everyone else that he was able to overwhelm his less-than-stellar paint job and land at the top of the pack. Maybe some of this came from the rest of you just pounding the heck out of one another: I can’t believe we beat last year’s per-game casualties, but this time you hammered it out to the tune of 2.3 Casualties per game per team! I don’t know if that’s owing to the addition of the “blowout” bonus or not: seems some of you figured you’d play the fast teams, like I’d hoped, but the bashier among you took advantage of that and you sure put the B in BB. Or maybe everyone was just bashier in general, or that the skill purchases made the difference … this is all just Theory Bowl, but I really liked the team build system this year. I think it made for many more versatile teams. And I was glad to see Kavin and Dave Sutton at the same table near the end; their rivalry from previous events just had to be settled once and for all.

All said, this one felt pretty smooth to me, apart from the round 3 glitch. Good thing that Overlord, when it’s not seeding correctly, has a suspicion-arousing habit of favouring alphabetical order. That was a dead giveaway that we needed to do it manually (which is not that hard to do when you have the whole room helping), and then to fix it before Round 4. Super special thanks to Craig McAree and Steve Lemky for their help with that.

I’d like to thank our sponsors, Craving for a Game and Imperial Hobbies, as well as Avatars of War and, once more, Ryan Sen for providing door prizes to give away at the end. And thanks again to all the coaches for coming out, playing, giving good feedback and suggestions, and generally just helping to build up West Coast tabletop. We had guests from Oregon, from California, from Edmonton, and one class-skipping Ivy-leaguer from New York! Hopefully none of his professors are reading this, but man, that’s one classy way to support the game, missing your first week of school to fly over! Overall the turnout was amazing. If we’d only had 20 coaches, the whole thing would have felt unnecessary; with 48, it seems that we’re here to stay!

I want to see even more coaches at the next one. This is only the beginning for the Spike!  -Mike

Player NameNAF IDCoaching (180)Sports (48)Painting (40)TD + Cas +Cas -Overall (268)
1Kavinay Kishor Warpstone155342322912212
2Brett Birdbrettness37130383111148199
Dan Sigerjollyork12537369911198
4Tony HoganRedman1204528101819193
5Lee EisnerSpaceman_Spiff140351512183190
6David SuttonDa_Scum120313412815185
7Shane Gabellordshane1303022151320182
8Steve LemkyBlammaham1053735101215177
9Mark BurckhardBurk120282912187177
10Dave O'NeillDarkangeldave115312811179174
11Ignacio Cort TodoliDark_Duke1053632859173
12Nathan Funkhouserkozmo12030227196172
13Owen Parsonage1003730141812167
14Mike LawrenceGazgul100343382515167
15Rob Gordonmr.gordon105273471013166
16Craig McAreegeneraljason1053425101410164
17Joseph Patenaudecyrust59120182616920164
18Greg Friesennevyn110272710204164
19Jesse CurbelloSallacious8540365162161
20Paul Sabourin-HertzogSubhedgehog100322511318157
21Edward Lawedwad69854131121410157
22Ivan Blauhornbadcuz105331710215155
23Andy BrandtKhail85393012712154
24Murray CampbellGimli95253191514151
25David Rolstadkb10r90303071211150
26Sean Cotterluvverman8529357294149
27Jason Weaverweav7542325819149
28Bob WolfPunkpogoer7536365133147
29Shawn WowkOcrumsprug90312410179145
30Travis Childsfrostitute100222110217143
31Michael Adamsnitnit65383871320141
32Cameron PeltzMr.Bloodweiser753827101210140
33Damion Gilzeantremere7538259178138
34Jeff Ridenourzootsuitjeff80272751520134
35Steve Barry80292511527134
36Roger Reisinger75302871012133
37Darryl PowellNurglestar70342951512133
38Kristian HargreavesWedge2265373081413132
39Tyler Reeveslordchaos75332253715130
40Ryan Senhumongeloid6530328826127
41Simon ThomsenDr.Evil80261910818125
42Paul Brownakalabeth6527206218112
43Matt BlauhornMajyk60311341613104
44Jon Dawesendycarus4037275833104
45Sean ConradBalbaroy403225583697
46Mike HaskinsAberrant254024863189
47Trent FrostadTrentus353194203375
48Geoff Rickardgrick9130279592166