Spike! Magazine Tournament 2009

Best Overall – John MacIntosh
“Beasts of War,” Chaos Dwarf

Coaching – Kavinay Kishor
“Ratchester United,” Skaven

Painting – Steve Lemky
“Union Carbide,” Nurgle

Sportsmanship – Bob Wolf
“Skulltooth Killuz,” Orc

Endzone Hog – Dave Sutton
“Sewage Union Local 668,” Skaven

Rambo – Tyler Reeves
“The Game Plan,” Khemri

Glass Joe – Greg Friesen
“The Blight,” Skaven

Random thoughts: Another great year. The scores at the tops of each category were much closer this time around, owing to our going 6 rounds instead of 7. Until we added up the numbers this time, even the winning coaches had no idea they’d done as well as they had. Jesse in particular was surprised to come second overall despite having been 20 Coaching points behind the two leaders, John MacIntosh and Kavinay Kishor. His Sportsmanship and Painting scores nearly pulled him into the lead; if only he’d scored one more TD in either of two games … and wow, it was really a brawl this year: we had 1.9 Casualties per side per game, and a 4-way tie for third place in Casualties Against, with 19 apiece over 6 games. Tyler had a lot to do with that, with his “Game Plan” scoring 33 Casualties on his own, for more than 5 per game! Another amusing event occurred when Kavin had to decide between Coaching and Endzone Hog, mirroring a decision made by Dave Sutton last year, who had to decide between Endzone Hog and Outstanding Painting. So Dave, he “stole” your award last year, and this year you “stole” it back!

Special thanks again to our sponsors, Games Workshop, Imperial Hobbies (Richmond), Craving for a Game (Surrey Central), and Core Games (Brentwood Mall). Thanks too go to the guys who donated prizes, Ryan Sen, Mike McAree, Brett Bird, Lee Eisner, Rob Gordon (and anyone I may have forgotten). Thanks a bunch guys. Special note of thanks to Avatars of War, whose donated models didn’t reach us in time from their shipping centre in Barcelona. We’ll hold on to those models when we get them and use them as prize support for the next event.

Anyway, I promised you scores, so here they are. We had a great time and we hope to see you all (and some more of your friends) at the next one!   -Craig.

Player NameCoaching (150)Sports (40)Painting (40)TD + Cas + Cas - Overall (238)
John MacIntosh 1402826132110194
Jesse Curbello 12036349133190
Kavinay Kishor 1203927181319186
Ken Washington 12036308162186
Kristian Hargreaves 11538321187185
Dave Sutton 110303316718173
Damion Gilzean 10534329158171
Bob Wolf 9541358122171
Trevor Bowser 105323314519170
Paul Sabourin-Hertzog 105372411710166
Steve Lemky 9531376113163
Andy Brandt 90342716412151
Lee Eisner 9529269819150
Cale Miller 8533316128149
Michael McAree 9028281177146
Greg Friesen 95242615922145
Sean Conrad 80362511820141
Simon Thomsen 80322810412140
Ryan Sen 7031346414135
Rob Gordon 7027356117132
Justin Martyn 7530258115130
Darryl A Powell 70272961410126
Marc Frydenlund 702530476125
Murray Campbell 6032339719125
Shayne RDJ Haugen 70282671218124
Ryan Allen 60343052314124
Jon Dawes 70311661016117
Geoff Roscoe 50343141215115
Dominic Lepiane 6031227107113
Robert Hosek 5533245815112
Chris Slater 6037116199108
Colin Klym 6022265610108
Tyler Reeves 303627133193
Neil McInnis 3031282131689