Spike! Magazine Tournament 2008

Best Overall – Ken Washington (gken1)
“Desert Kings,” Khemri

Coaching – Jesse Curbello (Sallacious)
“Kontract Killaz,” Orc

Painting – Dave Sutton (Da_Scum)
“Pi-Rats of Pestilence,” Skaven

Sportsmanship – Tony Hogan (Redman)
“Dream Warriors,” Dark Elf

Endzone Hog – Kavinay Kishor (Warpstone)
“Ratchester United,” Skaven

Rambo – Ryan Allen (beruche)
“Devastation Squad,” Ogre

Glass Joe – Trevor Jeg
“Blood Axes,” Ogre

Random thoughts: Well, after all the dust had settled, it turned out that Mike Lawrence, Jesse Curbello and Ken Washington were all in contention for top honours, with very close coaching scores. Jesse and Ken were tied at 145/175, with Jesse taking OUTSTANDING COACHING for having won more games (Ken”s score was based on a few ties as well). So while Ken went undefeated, he still lost out on the coaching award. BEST OVERALL went to Ken, whose Presentation score was higher.  Meanwhile Mike Lawrence, with a lower coaching score but high painting and sportsmanship, came close to taking it away from both of them. All in all, a close contest, and it turns out those “soft scores” made the difference. It was a lot of fun to run (a bit overwhelming at times), and I hope to see you all at the next one!   -Mike.

Player NameNAF IDCoaching (175)Sports (53)Painting (40)TD + Cas + Cas - Overall (268)
1Ken Washington gken114537369257218
2Mike Lawrence Gazgul1403836121423214
3Jesse Curbello Sallacious145362012198201
4Dave Sutton Da_Scum120393822924197
5Tony Hogan Redman1204826131618194
6John MacIntoshAtropabelladonna1303726122019193
7Simon Thomsen Dr.Evil12534248138183
8Darryl A. Powell Nurglestar120332891114181
9Murray Campbell Gimi1202532101612177
10Darin Nieuwendorp lewstherin1203026112710176
11Gord Colter rudeslay11529306724174
12Lee Eisner Spaceman_Spiff115351891222168
13Craig McAree generaljason1054220101520167
14Geoff Roscoe Bear1004026151221166
15Marc Frydenlund ragginbone953828121012161
16Sheldon Towey Shelliac1052628111117159
17Brett Bird brettness3780393662310155
18Kristian Hargreaves wedge22853732111510154
19Shane Gabel lordshane95302881016153
20Kavinay Kishor Warpstone80472615617153
21Jonathan Ingram Jing953522122023152
22Chris Slater cas9042201237152
23Robert Wolf Punkpogoer754036676151
24Tyler Reeves lordchaos10039105305149
25John Biel 95321891910145
26Bill Jeg Holder8040244810144
27Mike Haskins Aberrant85322610918143
28Justin Martyn 803528111613143
29Shane Green 75342672311135
30Jon Dawes endycarus503826111513114
31Trevor Jeg 403628121141104
32Ryan Allan beruche1035263321371