These are the teams so far. I will update this page as new coaches register.

NOTE: Quite a few coaches have expressed interest on facebook, and a couple have paid, without using the resgistration page here. So this is not a complete list yet of everyone who is planning to attend.

CoachHome TownClub IDTeam NameTeam Race
Myles HarbickNew Westminster, BCskullbucket (Thunderbowl, NAF)K&P East-WestersGoblin
Ian SealeBurnaby, BCDah Koach (Thunderbowl, NAF)Themyscira GuardiansAmazon
Colin FergusonVancouver, BCGambit1486x (Thunderbowl, NAF)Bugman's BelchersDwarf
Joshua GatnerLethbridge, ABphrygerator (Southern Alberta Blood Bowl League, NAF)Something Wicked This Way ComesOgre
Tyler ReevesSurrey, BCLord Chaos (Thunderbowl, fumbbl, NAF)The Blocking DeadUndead
Steve LemkyDelta, BCblammaham (Thunderbowl, NAF)Bonez and StonezLizardman
Mark WaltonVictoria, BCvnuffleYou Mad BroChaos Dwarf
Derek WaltonVictoria, BCderek11 (Naf, Vnuffle)The ChosenChaos Pact
Dale GonwickVictoria, BCvnufflePants on FireGoblin
Uriah FieldVictoria, BCvnuffleThe Saltyspring SellswordsHuman
Michael TaylorVancouver, BCGibbtall (Thunderbowl, NAF)Midnight MaulersOrc