Spike! Magazine Tournament 2019

Spike! Champion – Solomon Knicely (flyingdingle)
“Loren Reavers” – Wood ElfNorse

Second Place – Dylan Jensen (Dafjensen)
“Roi de Fromage” – Skaven

Third Place – Dan Armstrong (Anvilbrow)
“Scrapheap Assassins” – Chaos Pact

Painting – Derek Walton (derek11)
“Flaming Pink Flamingos” – Chaos Pact

Sportsmanship – Jamie Stockdale (ricky_james)
“Tuckburrow Taffies” – Halfling

Endzone Hog- Luke Taylor (RaymondBlack)
“Elven Bombardiers” – High Elf

The Wall – Bryan Tew (Grither)
“Rocky Mountain Rampagers” – Human

Rambo – Geoff Roscoe (Bear)
“Bitches Be Crazy” – Dark Elf

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Mark Burckhard (burk)
“Morg et al” – Goblin

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Lewis Markstein
“Hobbits Got Wood” – Halfling

Team Challenge
“Peyronie’s Revenge
“Solomon Knicely, Bryan Tew, Michael Spitzer, Russell Castronovo

Random thoughts:

Well this was a very competitive year. Apart from a clear separation of first, second, and third, there were a lot of rankings decided on tie-breakers. Table 1 in the last round was not a sure thing for either player; had they tied, either player from table 2 could have been champ (with a win of course).

Spike! 2018′s champ Bryan Tew made a return visit, and despite only giving up 3 TDs all tournament, wasn’t able to repeat his 6-0 run of last year.

We had some weird events this year: Mark Walton Scored 10 Casualties with his Skaven in Game 5, while Luke Taylor’s High Elves scored 8 TDs in Game 4. In game 3, Lair’s Wood Elves managed to move the ball from near his own end zone all the way to score a TD, with only a single Wardancer on the field facing 10 Necromantic players. And late in the series (game 5?), John Macintosh’s Humans moved the ball from endzone to endzone in a single turn! Great moments in Sports, guys.

We had a few repeat performances. From Mark Burckhard, earning his 3rd Goblin Tribal Leeg award (last year he took Second Place instead!) Including a Sportsmanship Award in 2015, that’s 5 trophies for Morg et al in 5 years! Geoff Roscoe’s Dark Elves dropped a bit from last year’s Third Place standing, but they still managed to go home with the Rambo Award. Derek Walton won Best Painted for his Chaos Pact, having won in 2016 with his Orcs. Jamie Stockdale’s Halflings must be a crowd pleaser (or it could be Jamie himself), earning him Sportsmanship two years in a row. And despite changing teams (for the weaker, from Dwarves to Halflings), Lewis Markstein managed to earn Glass Joe his second year.

Thanks again to everyone who donated door prizes, especially Strategies Games and Hammertime Hobbies, who were very generous with lots of Blood Bowl items!

We have a great community and I am always proud to see an event go well. We’ll be seeing you at some of the numerous upcoming tournaments, and of course, next year!

POWtown, Calgary, Alberta, June 8-9:


Table Warriors GT, Abbotsford, June 15:


Ordo Bowl, Vancouver, Washington August 17-18:


– Michael (poundfist)

AwardPlayer NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .Coaching
1Spike! ChampionSolomon KnicelyflyingdingleWood Elf - Loren Reavers501164711350
2Second PlaceDylan JensenDafjensenSkaven - Roi de Fromage510126514325
3Third PlaceDan ArmstrongAnvilbrowChaos Pact- Scrapheap Assassins402104223310
4Trevor BenningtontbcanuckNecromantic - Three Dog Night4111241110285
5Outstanding PaintingDerek Waltonderek11Chaos Pact - Flaming Pink Flamingos41111595285
6John MacIntoshatropabelladonnaHuman - Legends 4111051111285
7Michael SpitzermoosueyBrettonian - BRETter Off Dead41110628285
8The WallBryan TewGritherHuman - Rocky Mountain Rampagers4111231411285
9Endzone HogLuke TaylorRaymondBlackHigh Elf - Elven Bombardiers420206618260
10Ian SealebronzmonkeeWood Elf - Elven Cheerleader Union420136717260
11Travis ChildsfrostituteHuman - Luccini Troubadours420105138250
12Steve LemkyBlammahamNorse - Purple Panted Pillagers32195189245
13Steve Rhinesbr32Wood Elf - Fancy Frollicking Flyboys3211211518245
14Lair AshmeadInnerdemonWood Elf - Athel Loren Wildfire312148514220
15Russ CastronovorusscastronovoChaos - Flufftown Honeybunch31286125220
16James JohnsonLazyJNorse - Frigid Air Express3121171910220
17Myles HarbickSkullbucketUndead - Deadmonton Meateaters31275147220
18Wade BrickmanNephiBrettonian - Warriors of Winterfell312861116220
19Ryli LundTT9000Lizardman - Swamp Things31297613220
20Goblin Tribal LeegMark BurckhardBurkGoblin - Morg et al31265229220
21Lance SwansonkonflyctOrc - Bootzweizer Special Reserve3126582220
22Dan SigerjollyorkBrettonian - Semper Regalis31278129220
23Sean CotterLuvvermanElven Union - Wesovian Skinjobs231148911205
24Aaron AmbersonaaronaHuman - Donkey Slayers231109118205
25Jason WeaverWeavAmazon - Kislevo Bears2316687205
26RamboGeoff RoscoeBearDark Elf - Bitches Be Crazy3031292218195
27Jess QuintiliojessqNecromantic - Jess's Team303810512195
28Richard WhitlockLockeChaos Pact - Renegade Redemption30366164195
29Michael BurroughsZiggensChaos Pact - Brat Pact30358172195
30Robert WistGreendragonLizardman - Gainesville Gillas303117134195
31Shawn WowkOcrumsprugUndead - Hunger Wood Jaegers30369913195
32Nate CoatesAsmodeanSkaven - Pinkleham Boilerrats30358620195
33Mike MacPheemacpheeNecromantic - FKN Hollywood21164114155
34Keller ReeveskeggiemckillNurgle - 24th Chromosome21357910155
35James McBurneySmallpoxHuman - Melonville Manglers213781210155
36Topher KinkeadMajerusDwarf - Clan Thunderfist21377115155
37David BurroughsBeorgChaos Pact - The Lude Abides21359179155
38Trent FrostadTrentusVampire - Trent Sucks204811716130
39Dylan SyganiecSyganiecLizardman -Argonian Fighters20489196130
40Tyler SmithtyboBrettonian - The Brewtonians20437514130
41Ken EllisKenEllisOgre - Orange Crush Reboot204492115130
42Outstanding SportsmanshipJamie Stockdalericky_jamesHalfling - Tuckburrow Taffees20449617130
43Tyler ReeveslordchaosKhemri - Death Snatch202512147130
44Ivan BlauhornBadcuzDwarf - Stunty Bearded Pileons204611179130
45Dave WeigertgustavHuman - The Avengers123691010115
46Uriah Duttonw00psieAmazon - Ex Wives of Themyscira12348417115
47Dallas SamsonWidowmaker55Chaos Dwarf - Chaos Incorporated12371299115
48Mike TaylorGibbtailKhorne - Khorne Pops1236121014115
49Bryan SauvecanadinnerdChaos - Shit Lords1235131011115
50Rob O'BrienboborDark Elf - Malice Cowboys123710711115
51Kevin KowalenkoMalcontentDwarf - Barak Varr Smackers11441015990
52Eric CharliehamsammichehNurgle - Parts Unknown United114288990
53Mark WaltonDarthm21Skaven - Stealers10561231765
54Zac ChristieMr.ChristieGoblin - Those Honest Gobs105614121665
55Troy MarkstroyrgmarksLizardman - Blue Bombers024312101250
56Glass JoeLewis MarksteinMarkLewisHalfling - Hobbits Got Wood01521342625