This year’s SPIKE! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship will be a 6-game Swiss Point System Tournament. We will be using the “Ironmanji” rule set created by NAF member Joemanji, but with the modification that Star Players will be allowed. See the “Spike! Teams” tab for the rules on team design. If you have any questions or concerns about anything to do with the event please feel free to contact us.

Steve Lemky, League Commissioner, Thunderbowl.


Things you NEED to bring:
- Your Team of Miniatures (should be painted and flocked). You should have numbers on the bases of your miniatures, so that your opponent can differentiate your players at a glance. Shoulder pads are generally not readable from across the table, and coloured rings, while popular, are not as universally accepted.
- 3 copies of your team roster (one to hand in).
- D8, 2D6 and a set of Block dice.

- A copy of the most recent Blood Bowl Rule Book and Death Zone Season 1 and 2.
- All relevant Spike! Magazines (Issues 1-4)
- Your NAF number
- If you are not yet registered with the NAF, our local NAF representative will be on site to sign you up.

You will NOT need to bring a board or dugouts. These will be provided.

Special Give-Away:  The first 60 coaches to sign up will receive a car-ready pair of
Commemorative Fuzzy Blood Bowl Block Dice!


Thunderbowl handles all the registration for the 2019 SPIKE! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship. Since most of the money we collect is going to the venue and to the cost of handouts, trophies, and door prizes, we encourage coaches to register and pay as early as possible. To enter your team for the event, please fill out the registration form on the “Register” tab of this website.
The registration price is $60 (CAD). Please register with us by email or by using our online registration form. You can use the PayPal button below to send payment. If you would rather not pay in this manner, pay with cash on the first day of the event.

Pre-registration is recommended but it’s not required. Every coach will be welcome regardless of pre-registration and no one will be turned away if they choose to pay at the door.


As we are allowing more than enough time to complete your games (2 hours 30 Minutes), the days will run late if we don’t start on time. Please be punctual and ready to play at the scheduled times.

Saturday June 1st

8:00 - 9:00 Registration/ Introductions/ Orientation
9:00 - 11:30Round One
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 3:00 Round Two
3:15 - 5:45 Round Three
5:45 - 7:00Dinner
7:00 - 9:30Round Four

Sunday June 2nd

10:00 - 12:30Round Five
12:30 - 1:30Lunch
1:30 - 4:00Round Six
5:00Awards Presentations


Eligible Teams: All of the teams available in the Current Blood Bowl Rulebook; Death Zone Seasons 1 and 2 (and/or the Blood Bowl Compendium); Spike! Magazines 1-4; as well as the Teams of Legend PDF (here) may be used at the 2018 SPIKE! Magazine Tournament. ADDITIONALLY we will be allowing Slann, Daemons of Khorne, and Brettonian teams. You can find roster and appropriate Star Players for these teams on he NAF site, (here)

(Here are the NAF Tournament Rules)
- more on this later

Team Build: Coaches have 1,200,000 gold crowns with which to build their teams. All teams will be required to field at least 11 players, including Stars.

Coaches may include up to Two Star Players as part of their team. All of the Star Players from the CRP as well as the new players from Death Zone 1 and 2 (and/or the Blood Bowl Compendiums) and from Spike! Magazines 1-4 will be allowed (Note the cost of Guffle Pussmaw is 210K as per the official errata). Where a player from one of the official publications is made to be a replacement for a player from the CRP, you may bring either of the two, but not both. For example, you may field Glart Smashrip or Glart Smashrip Jr, but not both.

Breaking: If the new Halfling Team and any new Stars are published prior to Spike! 2019, they will be allowed.

You may purchase any other Inducements except Mercenaries, Wizards, Special Sideline Staff, or Special Play Cards as a permanent part of your team for their normal cost.

Followup: It has been noted that “everything but the following” is a confusing format for information, so here is it put another way: The following Inducements are allowed:
0-2 Star Players
0-2 Bloodweiser Babes
0-3 Bribes
0-1 Master Chef
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries
0-1 Igor (see Spike! Issue 04)

If you spend less than the 1.2M, you will not be entitled to Inducements on a game by game basis.

Note: During the Spike!, Undead Coaches can raise opposing players from the dead, following the usual rules, but since this is a “resurrection” Tournament, teams revert to their starting rosters each round. Undead raised cannot therefore be carried from game to game. Apothecaries may be used, according to the rules in the Competition Rule Pack.

Skill Pack: After purchasing your team of 11 or more players (including Stars) and any Inducement options, you may add skills to your team, based on that team’s Player Improvements. Skills are divided into tiers (No attribute picks are allowed):

Tier 1 skill = Block, Frenzy, Kick, Strip Ball, Sure Hands, Dodge, Leader, Guard, Mighty Blow and Claw.
Tier 2 skill = anything else. Note: Piling On operates as per the NAF rule set, ie it does NOT require a Team Reroll in order to be used.

1 point for the first instance of a tier 2 skill.
2 points for the second or further instance of a tier 2 skill.
2 points for the first instance of a tier 1 skill.
3 points for the second or further instance of a tier 1 skill.
+2 points for any skill that is a double.

Teams have the following points to spend:

9 points – Undead, Wood Elf, Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Lizardmen
11 points – Dwarf, Orc, Norse, Dark Elf, Skaven
13 points – High Elves, Humans, Pro Elves, Necromantic, Khemri, Brettonian
15 points – Slann, Underworld, Chaos Pact, Nurgle, Chaos, Vampires, Daemons of Khorne
17 points – Goblin, Halfling, Ogre

Example : My Chaos team has 15 points to spend. I take three Chaos Warriors with Block, the first costing 2 points and the next two costing 3 points each (total 8 points). I then take three Beastmen with Wrestle, the first costing me 1 point and the next two costing 2 points each (total 5 points). This leaves me with 2 points, with which I take a Tackle Beastman and an Extra Arms Beastman. 2+3+3+1+2+2+1+1 = 15.

Note: Star players may not be given additional skills and no player can add more than one skill. There are no other limits to skill selection.

Team Spreadsheet

Feel free to use the Halfling Scribe Tournament Roster to build your teams. To add skills to players, you’ll first need to give them 6 SPP. Just adding a couple of TDs ought to do it.
You can download the spreadsheet (here).
Note that a spreadsheet with all of Star Players and team details is a moving target as the game continues to change, so be careful to make sure that whichever spreadsheet you use (including this one which we recommend but for which we make no promises) is correct. If it is not, you may need to make manual changes to suit your team build.


The SPIKE! is played over both Saturday and Sunday. Each coach will participate in six games, “Swiss” style. Therefore, in the first round, coaches will be randomly matched against other coaches. After that, the coaches will be allocated by win record to encourage same skill level of play. The only other rule regarding pairings is that you can never play the same opponent twice. For this reason, you may find that your opponents don’t always have a record identical to yours. You can read more about Swiss-style tournaments here.

To stay on schedule, Thunderbowl asks that you play at a brisk pace with no time wasting please. To help with this we will provide programmed game timers. While it is of course up to you and your opponent to decide how strictly you wish to enforce the rule on turn time, we ask that you use the clocks at least a a guide so that games don’t fall behind. We will also not be using the Overtime Rules in the CRP: if a game is tied at the end of two halves, it will be recorded as a tie.

Each player will be given a special results form at the start of each game. Once you have finished your game, you must fill in the form and then hand it in to the Referee. It is important you fill all the information in, as this will decide your ranking for the next round and ultimately the winner of the 2018 SPIKE! Trophy.


After each game you will record the game results on the results form. Points are awarded as follows:


Win = 65
Loss = 0
Tie = 25

Scoring Tie Breakers
“Blowout:” Won by 2+TDs = +5
“So close:” Lost by only 1TD = +5
“Crushed:” Caused 2+ Cas from non-weapon “Block” actions = +5
These bonus points will NOT be added to your overall total, and will be used only to break ties.

“Coaching Record:” Any ties in the standings for any award will be broken by head-to-head record if any, then by TD Difference, and finally by Casualty Difference. If a tie still remains, then we will apply the above tie-breaker points.

Forfeits: Should your opponent for any reason be unable to play during the allotted time (ie must leave early or arrives more than 30 minutes late), you will be awarded a win. If your game has begun, record the score and casualties as of the time the game ended, and the winner will receive bonus TDs to bring the game to a 2-point lead for the winner. The Casualty record will not be changed. Ideally we’d rather not enforce this, so please be generous if your opponent shows up 35 minutes late on day 2 with a bit of a hangover ….

Timeout: If your game cannot be completed within the 2.5 hour time limit, then the game will be decided based on its current score. We do have clocks to enforce the 4-minute time limit, but if you feel that at any time your opponent is “stalling,” then please let us know. This has not been a problem with previous Spike! events, but it’s worth noting here just in case.


Although we all may dream of winning the SPIKE! Trophy we want everyone to have as much fun as they possibly can. Each coach will have the opportunity to vote on which opponent deserves the Outstanding Sportsmanship award. After your last game you will select your three favourite opponentes from your games. Rank matters here; most favorite will earn more bonus points than third most favorite (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd). These bonus points will NOT be added to the players’ overall scores, but they will be used to determine tiebreakers for the Sportsmanship prize.


You may use models from any game company to represent the players on your team, and you will be eligible to win the prize for Best Painted Team. Coaches will wote on their three favourite teams from the event. We recommend using the following criteria:

Base-coated: All the bases in the team, including sideline staff are painted and textured in some manner. A green undercoat is not enough.

Painted:The team is painted. All models have at least three (3) colours on them. Undercoats should not be visible.

Representative: All models on the team are representative of the race and position that they are to portray. Extra weapons that are not part of a finished and painted figure should be removed. Interestingly converted teams will be considered along with stock teams. After all, the hobby aspect is part of the game as well! Therefore conversions are certainly encouraged; out of fairness to your opponent, however, we ask that the positions of players at least follow some sort of reasoning. For instance, if you want to play an all-Halfling Ogre team, it should be obvious which Halflings represent Ogres and which represent Snotlings.

Detailed: All models have had details painted in a variety of colours or with noticeable effects. This can be shading, highlighting, numbered shoulder pads, etc. This discriminates between the merely painted team and the team that has had some attention paid to it.

WOW Factor: This includes but is not limited to conversions, base and flock, putty work, display cases or trays and coaching staff. A team with no conversions but with a paint job that is above average will probably b noticed as well. Basically, this covers anything that makes the painting judges go WOW!!

Opponent Scoring: After every game, players will be asked to look over the teams as presented by the players. A secret ballot will be used to determine the Best Painted trophy. Naturally we ask that coaches vote honestly, and not just select their friends’ teams. We really want the most impressive team to win the trophy, and to encourage coaches to bring their best. If you did not paint your own team, we ask that you do not present your team for judging, unless the person who painted your team is also at the event. In that case, feel free to present the team under the name of the coach who painted it.


We have 10 Trophies this year for the Spike! Tournament. Since no coach may receive more than one prize, there may be cases where we ask a coach in advance which prize he would prefer. In those cases, the next eligible coach would win the prize he did not select, and the leader for that prize will be listed as runner-up. In cases of ties, we will follow the guidelines described below. If we still have a tie, we will use our discretion. Our default judgment is to award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to the top three coaches in any case.
The Spike! Magazine trophy will be awarded based on Tournament Points. In the case of a tie for this award, we will compare “Coaching Record:” as described above. In the case of a perfect tie, we will compare the teams’ scores for Painting, and finally Sportsmanship.

These trophies are awarded to the Coaches with the second- and third-highest scores for game play (including all bonuses).

This is the award for the team with the best presentation. We will have three painting judges, each giving a score of 1-10 for painting and presentation for all of the teams. These judges will determine the best teams, and these will be presented at lunchtime on Sunday for participant voting. The Outstanding Painting trophy will be awarded based on the votes collected. Any ties here will be settled at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.

This trophy will be awarded to the coach with the highest total points for Sportsmanship. Ties will be broken by totaling up points awarded for “favourite opponent.” These “favourite” points will not be added to the Overall score, and will only be used to break ties here.

This trophy is awarded to the coach who scored the most TDs over six games. .

This trophy is awarded to the coach with the highest Casualties score. Only casualties cause by regular Blocks and Blitzes count, so disregard fouls, crowd pushes, Stab, Chainsaw attacks, Throw a Rock, etc. .

This trophy is awarded to the coach who allowed the fewest TDs against his team over his six games. .

This year we will award this trophy to the coach with the lowest Overall points score. 


“The Goblin Tribal Leeg tournament is normally held about the same time as the Spike! Magazine Tournament, as most Goblin teams can’t afford to travel to far-off Estalia from their tribal lairs in the Darklands, and in any case Goblin players hate playing in the bright, sunny conditions under which the Spike! tournament is normally held. The Tribal Leeg doesn’t have a trophy or any gold prizes since it is all but impossible for a bunch of Goblins to arrange for a trophy and two different teams to be in the same place at the same time, and any gold prize is invariably stolen before the final takes place! This means that all the winner of the Goblin Tribal Leeg really gets is the undying support of  huge horde of Goblin fans, who follow the team around the Old World watching it play. Whether being followed around the Old World by an army of Goblin fans is actually a good thing is open to debate, but it certainly increases the gate winnings that the team receives every time it plays a match!”  -LRB 6.0, p33

“Okay, enough fluff,” says you. “What does all that mean?” Well, this year, after popular support, we’re giving out a prize to the best “Stunty” team to play in the tournament. The definition of a “Stunty” team has been the subject of some debate; a common understanding is that it is a team made only of players with the “Stunty” Extraordinary Skill and with “Big Guys.” Big guys are generally defined as ST 5+ players that select only from Strength and who have the Trait “Loner.” Since many make the exception that Ogres also fit the definition, despite lacking Loner, we have decided that Ogre teams are eligible for this prize.

So: Stunty teams include Halflings, Goblins and Ogres, as well as Lizardman teams that are made up of All Skinks (or Skinks plus a Kroxigor), and Underworld teams, so long as there are no Skaven players. Since Star Players are not a part of the regular makeup of a team, they may be hired by any Stunty team as allowed; therefore a Skink team could include Slibili, for example.

As for what this all means in terms of game play, it’s simple. All Stunty teams will play in the same tournament as everyone else, and their opponents will be determined using the traditional Swiss seeding. However, at the end of the day, the highest-ranked team that meets the “Stunty” definition will be awarded the Goblin Tribal Leeg trophy.

Note: of course we are including this to encourage team diversity at the event, and not so that coaches who felt that they might not win Best Overall might instead opt to try for this.  We assume that no-one is going to play only for the Goblin Tribal Leeg trophy, and that all Stunty teams will be vying to win it all.  ’nuff said about that.