Spike! Magazine Tournament 2018

Spike! Champion – Bryan Tew (Grither)
“Rocky Mountain Snowfjorders” – Norse

Second Place – Derek Walton (derek11)
“Ice Crag Enforcers” – Chaos Dwarf

Third Place – Geoff Roscoe (Bear)
“Bitches Be Crazy” – Dark Elf

Painting – Dan Siger (jollyork)
“Santarem Sylphs” – Amazon

Sportsmanship – Jamie Stockdale (ricky_james)
“Tuckburrow Taffies” – Halfling

Endzone Hog- John MacIntosh (Rimmer)
“Heroines” – Amazon

The Wall – Solomon Knicely (flyingdingle)
“Chiquita’s Bananas” – Amazon

Rambo – Sean Cotter (luvverman)
“Crevasse Ayres” – Norse

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Mark Burckhard (burk)
“Morg et al” – Goblin

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Lewis Markstein
“Drunken Hammers” – Dwarf

Team Challenge

Random thoughts:

Another great year. Here’s a thought: if you think your team is going to be in the running for a trophy, maybe come up with a better name than “Bitches Be Crazy.”

A lot of guys came in from out of town, with the Island making a stronger showing than ever. Derek Walton made it all the way to 2nd Place this year, so we have to look out for that crew in future years. Bryan Tew from Utah came along and dominated with his well-tuned Norse team, before rushing off to work on a red eye flight to the Midwest. Way to make it look easy, Bryan.

Burk’s Morg et al made another try, this time not making it as high as last year’s Second Place, but well enough to secure the Goblin Tribal Leeg award. Apparently all you need is Morg. Well that and some decent coaching – the last game vs Tyler’s Ogres was a sight to see. Pitch cleared and he still managed a T16 Throw Teammate victory, achieved by using a Fanatic to push Morg! Well played.

The new rules set threatened some confusion, and probably there will be changes to come for future Spike! events, but this one went well and we will be on top of the changes for future years. See you then!

– Michael (poundfist)

AwardPlayer NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .Coaching
1Spike! ChampionBryan TewGritherNorse - Rocky Mountain Snowfjorders600123217390
2Second PlaceDerek Waltonderek11Chaos Dwarf - Ice Crag Enforcers501851110325
3Third PlaceGeoff RoscoeBearDark Elf - Bitches Be Crazy5011351112325
4The WallSolomon KnicelyflyingdingleAmazon - Chiquita's Bananas3031041410270
5Endzone HogJohn MacIntoshRimmerAmazon - Heroines420146614260
6RamboSean CotterluvvermanNorse - Crevasse Ayres420992010260
7Gareth DaviesmomomcpheeSkaven - Langford Loafers4201171320260
8Tony HoganRedmanHuman - Prairie Pride42075139260
9Steve LemkyBlammahamUndead - Jed's Deads3121151112245
10Kristian Hargreaveswedge22Underworld - Coquitlam Creepers312841418245
11Chris BrakefieldElven Union - Elfadelphia Great Eagles321147816220
12Greg LeegunfexWood Elf - Hand of God321117510220
13Keller ReeveskeggiemckillHuman - Lil' Rock Men3211110914220
14Outstanding PaintingDan SigerjollyorkAmazon - Santarem Sylphs321881213220
15David WiegertGustavHuman - The Avengers3219101410220
16Mike TrisevicHuman - The Winning Guys32171067220
17Ian SealeBronzmonkeeKhemri- Mummy Issues32175712220
18Goblin Tribal LeegMark BurckhardBurkGoblin - Morg et al330971912195
19Trevor BenningtonKhysanthOrc - Shattered Toof33087107195
20Dave SuttonDa_ScumBretonnian - Lions de MIllwall330781510195
21David BurroughsBeorgElven Union - Newport Nicks33089918195
22Dylan SyganiecLizardman - Salamans3305102015195
23Myles HarbickSkullbucketElven Union - Tiranoc Titans2221271113180
24Clark Hartnettdecker_ckyKhorne - Ton Belak-Rady's Skulltriots222752011180
25Jason WeaverweavDark Elf - Khainesas City Chiefs222108510180
26Ivan BlauhornbadcuzHalfling - To Hell in a Handbasket222551415180
27James TaylorHigh Elf - Highest Elves22257910180
28Zac ChristieMr.ChristieNurgle - Goopy Gross Guys2316677155
29Michael TaylorGibbtallChaos Pact - Chaos Packaging231791514155
30Tyler ReeveslordchaosOgre - Triple Smurfs231681314155
31Rob O'BrienBoborKhemri - West Nile Immortals123691413140
32Rob GordonMr GordonHalfling - Squeaks123791513140
33Outstanding SportsmanshipJamie Stockdalericky_jamesHalfling - Tuckburrow Taffies240681014130
34Dale GonwickmrblackChaos Chosen - Khorneish Hens240471217130
35Mark Waltondarthm21Halfling - Sandcrawlers132481719115
36Ken ElliskenellisDwarf - Legion of Boom1412710790
37Aaron AmbersonaaronaNurgle - Nurgle's Nuts1412912690
38Ericson CharlieOrc - Whaaghsota Orking033286675
39Trent FrostadtrentusUndead - McFist's Licklist1504981665
40Michael BurroughsziggensLizardman - Slibili et al15031017965
41Kevin KowalenkomalcontentElven Union - Phoenix's Sons04231041150
42Glass JoeLewis MarksteinDwarf - Drunken Hammers04241211350