Spike! Magazine Tournament 2017

Spike! Champion – Ivan Blauhorn (badcuz)
“Bunchafuxx” – Dark Elf

Second Place – Mark Burckhard (burk)
“Morg et al” – Goblin

Third Place – Michael Adams (nitnit)
“Insane in the Khaine” – Dark Elf

Painting – Joshua Gatner (Phrygerator)
“Muscle Shoal Swampers” – Chaos Dwarf

Sportsmanship – Aaron Amberson (aarona)
“Da Valley Boyz!” – Orc

Endzone Hog- Kavin Kishor (Warpstone)
“C.U.N.T.S.” – Wood Elf

The Wall – Clark Hartnett (decker_cky)
“Tessa’s Terrors” – Chaos

Rambo – Tyler Reeves (lordchaos)
“The Blocking Dead” – Undead

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Dave Sutton (Da_Scum)
“Millwal Loins” – Goblin

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Shawn Wowk (Ocrumsprug)
“The Creeps” – Undead (all Zombie)

Team Challenge
“Lemon Drops” – Joshua Gatner (Phrygerator), Justin Gatner (Apothecary), Keller Reeves (keggiemckill), and Grant Hortz (grant85)

Random thoughts:

This tournament summary should be called “Well Done, Morg!” Burk’s Morg team (with some Goblins) took second, tying Michael Adams’s Dark Elves with a record of 4-0-2, but pulling ahead on tie breaker bonuses. Probably the best we’re likely to see from a Goblin team, all thanks to Morg! Placing Second Overall disqualified Morg et al from the Goblin Tribal Leeg trophy, opening the field for Dave Sutton’s “Millwal Loins” (not a typo) to take the prize. That’s three different trophies for Dave over ten years!

Kavin Kishor won Endzone Hog for the third time, again with his Wood Elf team from last year. He had previously signed up with Dwarves, so there was some confusion in the original announcement. Anyway Kavin, we’ll get around to renaming that trophy in your honour …. Another repeat winner was Tyler Reeves, who ran away with the Rambo award for casualties.

This was our tenth Spike! since 2008, and we can’t thank you guys enough for sticking with us throughout. It’s a load of fun running these events every year. This year’s 40mm-scale board give-away was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and the 10th anniversary seemed the best time to do it.

Highlight of the weekend for me was “Josh and Justin’s Great Spike Adventure.” Begun back on August 10, this facebook group has tracked the progress of Joshua and Justin Gatner’s Spike! experience, from team design and painting through to games played. It was a load of fun following their ups and downs (for Joshua, it came down to that last game on table 1… well done, buddy), complete with photos and commentary.

Thanks of course to our visitors from out if town. Ontario, Alberta, Washington, all over BC were well represented, along with California in the form of West Coast Quake’s new Organizer, Russell Castronovo. And we might as well consider calling ourselves Ordo Fanaticus North, with 8 guests from the Portland area!

This year’s “Team Challenge” assembled coaches into blocks of 4, pooling their scores for a little friendly side bet. This year’s tallies went beyond the old milestones like “first triple skulls” and “first to score 5 TDs in a game,” this time including a bonus point for each member of a team from an area different from at least one other. This addition allowed the event to work better as a mixer of groups with different backgrounds. Thanks again to Kavinay Kishor for carrying on this event.

Here’s to another 10 years! – Michael (poundfist)

PS: Congrats to Ivan’s Bunchafuxx. Next time paint your minis and name your team …. ;)
EDIT: Kavin played Wood Elves, not Dwarves as previously reported. That makes his TD award more understandable …

Player NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .Coaching
1Ivan BlauhornbadcuzDark Elf - Bunchafuxx600114812390
2Mark BurckhardburkGoblin - Morg et al402941710310
3Michael AdamsnitnitDark Elf - Insane in the Khaine40210394310
4Kavin KishorWarpstoneWood Elf - Collectively Undeterred Nomadic Treebound Sindarin4111571314285
5Joshua GatnerPhrygeratorChaos Dwarf - Muscle Shoal Swampers41174128285
6Dylan MacDonaldDylanatorChaos - DM Electric Ltd30383217270
7Justin GatnerApothecaryNorse - Edmonton Fenrir4201291810260
8Cameron PeltzMr.BlodweiserDark Elf - Pink Ladies420136718260
9Clark Hartnettdecker_ckyChaos - Tessa's Terrors3127393245
10Dale GonwickmrblackChaos - Khorne-ish Hens31296512245
11Kristian Hargreaveswedge22Underworld - Mutagen Misfits3211081213220
12Uriah Fieldw00psieHuman - Trojan Meeeen!!!321971111220
13Dave SuttonDa_ScumGoblin - Millwal Loins321561523220
14Russ CastronovorusscastronovoChaos - Badland Brutes321871310220
15Steve LemkyblammahamLizardman - Bonex and Stonez32186811220
16John MacIntoshAtropabelladonnaOrc - S.P.E.C.T.R.E.213106163205
17Geoff RoscoeBearDark Elf - Bitches Be Crazy213961012205
18Grant Hortzgrant85Wood Elf - Awkward Morning Wood213128713205
19Aaron AmbersoneaaronaOrc - Da Valley Boyz!!21365811205
20Jason CaseboltCaseboltOrc - Seattle Moist33063103195
21Keller ReeveskeggiemckillChaos Dwarf - Zharrduk Marroons33055115195
22Jason WeaverweavHuman - Ostland Ospreys330571112195
23Shane O'Briensavion47Dwarf - Stumptown Lumberjacks22276129180
24Mike LawrencegazgulLizardman - 78 Leafs22211111416180
25Tyler ReeveslordchaosUndead - The Blocking Dead222892511180
26David O'NeilldarkangeldaveHigh Elf - Do Bo2221410316180
27JP LeBergnerdfrogHuman - Port Kells Diesel Burners22287145180
28Ken EllisKenEllisOgre - Orange Crush 3.0222561318180
29Jeffrey KauffmanninefingerHalfling - The Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers22257915180
30David WiegertgustavHuman - Avengers231791211155
31David BurroughsBeorgHalfling - Fling Lives Mater231771410155
32Derek Waltonwrage11Nurgle - Occult2316887155
33Zac ChristieMr.ChristieUnderworld - Warpstreet Goons2317121315155
34Kevin KowalenkomalcontentOrc - Oughta Waaugh Roughriders12357102140
35Rob GordonMr.GordonGoblin - Rogue Dog Villains123681213140
36Ian SealeBronxmonkeeAmazon - Themyscira Guardians1236847140
37Mark Waltondarthm21Chaos Dwarf - You Mad Bro240481515130
38Greg LeegunfexOgre - Mourn Mountain Godkings132361410115
39Nathaniel PerezbluestormwaOgre - Melchor Mudburgs13247919115
40Myles HarbickskullbucketGoblin - K&P East-Westers132910513115
41Dan SigerjollyorkNurgle - Morg 'N' Plague132481010115
42Michael TaylorruthlessburgerOrc - Midnight Maulers13248911115
43Stephen Rhinesbr32Vampire - Fangs and Fur13249510115
44Trent FrostadTrentusVampire - Purple People Eaters132410714115
45Rob O'BrienboborHuman - Smithwick Spirits14181071190
46Tyler SmithtyboNecromantic - Rest in Pints1504115465
47Donald MorrisonhimalayansaltChaos - Khorne Krushers1502119965
48Shawn WowkOcrumsprugUndead - The Creeps1605157100