Spike! Magazine Tournament 2016

Spike! Champion – John MacIntosh
“Dirty Rats” – Underworld

Second Place – Tyler Reeves
“Spike! vs Zombies” – Undead

Third Place – Jason Casebolt
“Diet Mountain Crue” – Dwarf

Painting – Derek Walton
“Block the Plank” – Orc

Sportsmanship – Tony Hogan
“Pop Goes the World” – Dark Elf

Endzone Hog- Dan Siger
“Red Reavers” – Dark Elf

The Wall – Ignacio San Miguel
“Vikingos de Marte” – Dwarf

Rambo – Ken Ellis
“Orange Crush 3.0″ – Ogre

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Mark Burckhard
“Morg et al” – Goblin

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Bryan Sauve
“Zombie Rush” – Undead (all Zombie)

Team Challenge
“Team Captains” – Tyler Reeves, Tony Hogan, Andy Brandt

Random thoughts:

Hey, we knew the team build allowed for more diverse selections, but no one expected Underworld to take the prize! Being led by two-time Spike! Champion John MacIntosh certainly helped … well done, John! This year’s Tribal Leeg trophy was hard-fought as well, with two Goblin teams placing 10th and 15th, and a Halfling team coming in 19th overall. The winner of this year’s Stunty Cup, Burk’s “Morg et al” also placed second in overall casualties. Those stunties play rough!

Out-of-towners once again came in good numbers: We had a great number of coaches from Alberta, including Dave Sutton, returning after a few years’ absence. The Ordo league from Oregon represented well, with Burk taking home the Tribal Leeg trophy. Andy and Jason came up from Seattle and Everett, and we had folks from the Island and the Interior of BC as well. Most Travelled award goes to Ignacio San Miguel from Spain, who also took home The Wall award for fewest TDs against.

This year we tried a new meta-game, the “Team Challenge.” Coaches assembled into blocks of 3 and pooled their scores for a little friendly side bet. Frankly I don’t even know how the scoring worked for this; Kavinay Kishor and Steve Lemky set this up and tallied the points. Thanks guys for building on this great event.

Here’s to another great year! – Michael (poundfist)

Player NameTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .Coaching
1John MacIntoshDirty Rats - Underworld5011361819350
2Tyler ReevesSpike! vs Zombies - Undead402136134310
3Jason CaseboltDiet Mountain Crue - Dwarf411115103285
4Tony HoganPop Goes the World - Dark Elf411138813285
5Kavinay KishorCollectively Undeterred Nomadic
Treebound Sindarin - Wood Elf
6Derek WaltonBlock the Plank - Orc420143198260
7Kristian HargreavesBraindead - Chaos Dwarf42095176260
8Ignacio San MiguelVikingos de Marte - Dwarf420841113260
9Michael AdamsNezumi Mechanikuru - Skaven312115135245
10Mark BurckhardMorg et al - Goblin312872219245
11Russell CastronovoSpartonians - Human31277610245
12Dave O'NeillScum and Villainy - Human32196117220
13Cameron PeltzColetrain Express - Chaos Dwarf321761013220
14Clark HartnettNew Khorneland Skulltriots - Norse32186204220
15Dave SuttonDa Maggot Scum - Goblin321910917220
16Dan SigerRed Reavers - Dark Elf321139617220
17Geoff RoscoeDirty Rotten Scoundrels - Dark Elf2131051410205
18Damion GilzeanThe Aesir - Norse21310699205
19David BurroughsFling Lives Matter - Halfling21365177205
20Ian SealeKunfoosd Ork Waughayahs2137689205
21Trent FrostadValerian's Vengeance - Vampire21398814205
22Michael SpitzerMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... - Undead33087138195
23Uriah FieldElf Elf Baby - Dark Elf33091057195
24Dave WeigertAvengers - Human2229778180
25Andy BrandtRat City Wrecking Crew - Skaven22213131011180
26Mark WaltonLumbersexuals - Wood Elf222118813180
27Dylan McDonaldDM Electric Ltd - Human23113131112155
28Dan SteticSmoke Mountain Marauders - Orc23178108155
29Shawn WolfingtonTombstone Killers - Necromantic2318868155
30Keller ReevesParty Inn Backs - Elf231910515155
31Ryan AllenGlorious Intervention - Orc231712108155
32Steve LemkyDen-Hur Broncos - Human240710612130
33Brandon ChunNuln Arsenal - Human2406131216130
34JP LebergPain Truckers - Human240510710130
35Myles HarbickStrychtenheim Stranglers - Necromantic132911146115
36Tyler SmithGlimour Ghouls - Undead13247129115
37Jonathan DawesBikini Kill - Amazon132581311115
38James McBurneyNurple Pain - Dark Elf13299210115
39Jason WeaverSt Lothern Rams - Elf1321114413115
40Ken EllisOrange Crush 3.0 - Ogre141514251590
41Tyson NabessDead River Wanderers - Orc14061110690
42Shawn WowkVery bad Thingz - Goblin14061771690
43Lawrence AshmeadStyx River Shamblers150813201165
44Bryan SauveZombie Rush - Undead0601184250