Spike! Magazine Tournament 2015

Spike! Champion – John MacIntosh (Atropabelladonna)
“Beasts of War” – Chaos Dwarf

Second Place – Andy Brandt (Khail)
“Rat City Wrecking Crew” – Skaven

Third Place – Kavinay Kishor (Warpstone)
“Passholes” – Wood Elf

Painting – Jason Weaver (weav)
“Strigos Strikers” – Vampire

Sportsmanship – Mark Burckhard (burk)
“Morg et al” – Goblin

Endzone Hog- Trevor Bowser (islandtrevor)
“Typhoid Candy” – Dark Elf

The Wall – Cameron Peltz (Mr.Bloodweiser)
“Brooklyn’s Brawlers” – Orc

Rambo – Tyler Reeves (lordchaos)
“Nuffle Funkin Blow” – Chaos Pact

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Damion Gilzean (tremere)
“Dumplings” – Halfling

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Stefano Naldi
“Da Gork Fistz” – Goblin

The Glittering Prizes

Random thoughts:

Well another year, another great Spike! event. The new team build rules went over very well, allowing for a diverse set of teams. This year really attracted the stunties, with ten teams overall (six Goblin , three Halfling, and one all-stunty Underworld team) competing for the Goblin Tribal leeg award (and with Damion’s Halflings ending up 14th overall and a serious contender for the Rambo Award instead!).

John MacIntosh became the first two-time winner of the Spike! Best Overall trophy: in 2009, he won with his Chaos Dwarf team “Beasts of War;” this year with a new take on the old build, “Apocalypto.” Second place went to Andy Brandt’s “Rat City Wrecking Crew,” while former champ Kavinay Kishor’s “Passholes” came in third.

I’d like to thank all of the out-of-towners for coming out in force and making this an international event. We had a great number of coaches from Alberta, as well as from the Ordo league from Oregon (these guys had such a good time they are planning to run their own event come April). The Rat City league from Seattle/Everett represented well, with Andy nearly taking First Place. Most Travelled award goes to Matteo Gaddi, who made a stop in Vancouver as part of his 40th Birthday World Tour of Bloodbowl, a tour that will bring him to the Chaos Cup in Chicago, the Dungeonbowl in Germany, the NAF Championship in Nottingham, and the 2015 World Cup in his home country of Italy.

Well that’s it. – Michael (poundfist)

I’d really like to thanks everyone that came out and played in this years Spike! 40 Coaches is a really really good number of coaches for that room. The atmosphere for gaming was great with everyone having a great time!

I’d like to thank Vic and Liza, Vic is the awesome caretaker of Sapperton’s and he does a ton of stuff to make our club and this event in particular way way better than just we can. Having a supportive, and in our case supportive and HELPFUL person in Vic’s position is incredibly helpful to what we do. Vic gave us access to the hall the night before that allows us to set up and get ready for the early start on Saturday. Not only did Vic do as he usually does in helping with the set up of the room but he also helped out with the lunch on the second day, then stayed around to do as he usually does, to help pack up and store the gear. Liza did all the prep work and presentation and cooking of the burgers for the two lunches, that I think enabled us to stay right on time and even ahead of schedule a bit! That was a lot of work and she did it to benefit the Lions club and not herself, amazing person. The food was great and she was smiling the whole time!

Craig did an amazing job running the concession and the set up and running of the bar on the first day, he had the SIR license that we need to serve alcohol at Sappertons so this was a tremendous help. Craig also helped out on the night before with doing as much set up as was possible to get the space ready.

Thanks to all the Coaches that traveled to come to our event! It is such an honor to have you guys out here and playing in the Spike! Huge ups! – Steve (blammaham)

Player NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .Coaching
John MacIntoshAtropabelladonnaChaos Dwarf - Apocalypto501134179350
Andy BrandtKhailSkaven - Rat City Wrecking Crew5102041317325
Cameron PeltzMr BloodweiserNorse - Brooklyn's Brawlers4021022210310
Kavinay KishorWarpstoneWood Elf - Passholes402158614310
Trevor BowserislandtrevorDark Elf - Typhoid Candy411157613285
Kristian Hargreaveswedge22Dark Elf - Raincity Ravens42012377260
Jason CaseboltCaseboltDwarf - Diet Mountain Crue420105116260
Murray CampbellGimliNurgle - Vile Style420881513260
Ian SealeBronzmonkeeWood Elf - L.E.A.F.untain Crue420148513260
Geoff RoscoeBearDark Elf - Now I Gotta Cut Ya!42097119260
Steven LemkyBlammahamNorse - Viking31284169245
Travis ChildsFrostituteHuman - Ostland Osprey3219488220
Matteo GaddiMaDNecromantic - We Will Raise You32185169220
Damion GilzeantremereHalfling - Dumplings321982314220
Lawrence AshmeadInnerdemonUndead - Styx River Shamblers321881610220
Russell CastronovorusscastronovoDark Elf - Permanent Midnight321611618220
Trent FrostadTrentusVampire - Cruor Madidas213951311205
Sean CotterluvvermanAmazon - Playtime Bloodies330981311195
Keller ReeveskeggiemckillAmazon - Pot-Bottom Kabloomers3301371015195
Dylan McDonaldDylanatorHuman - DM Electric33010151010195
Ryan AllanberucheDwarf - Mechanics Union Local 604222711186180
Jonathan DawesendycarusUnderworld (stunty) - Warped Tour22279415180
Jeffrey KauffmanninefingerNecromantic - Silverspire Musketballs23189168155
Shawn WowkOcrumsprugUndead - Very Bad Things231551219155
Tyler ReeveslordchaosChaos Pact - Nuffle Funkin Blow231710266155
Michael McAreepoundfistGoblin - Bunchafuxx231441815155
Stephen BarryAmazon - Conquerors23179710155
Mark BurckhardburkGoblin - Mork et al231710178155
Bob WolfPunkpogoerGoblin - Curb Jobs231561313155
Dan SteticWyzardHalfling - Darkshire Raiders123471121140
Gordon KienleitnertammaroOrc - Squighorn Roughraiders123510116140
Michael AdamsnitnitSlann - Tide Slaughter24098710130
Ivan BlauhornbadcuzGoblin - Nigglers With Attitude2405141116130
Mike LawrencegazgulGoblin - Witch's Brew240911624130
Myles HarbickskullbucketNecromantic - Strychtenheim Stranglers1416920590
Shane O'Briensavion47Nurgle - Itchy Nuisance1414991290
Sean ConradBalbaroyHuman - Killer Konvicts150411101465
David BurroughsBeorgHalfling - Fling Lives Matter150213151865
Jason WeaverweavVampire - Strigos Strikers15011441465
Stefano NaldiGoblin - Da Gork Fistz05121382125