Spike! Magazine Tournament 2014

Spike! Champion – Jim Gradwell (Jimjimany)
“Birchwood Fury” – Wood Elf

Second Place – Joe Hainstock (Joemanji)
“Point n Click” – Wood Elf

Third Place – Phil Pearson (Purplegoo)
“White Isle Redux” – Wood Elf

Painting – Steve Lemky (blammaham)
“Union Carbide” – Nurgle

Sportsmanship – Michael Adams (nitnit)
“Creepshow” – Necromantic

Endzone Hog- Kavinay Kishor (Warpstone)
“Passholes” – Wood Elf

The Wall – Keller Reeves (keggiemckill)
“Back Alley Gators” – Lizardman

Rambo – Cameron Peltz (Mr.Bloodweiser)
“Grave Diggers” – Undead

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Damion Gilzean (tremere)
“Dumplings” – Halfling

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Jon Dawes (endycarus)
“Skinkhole” – Lizardman

The Glittering Prizes

Random thoughts:

Hey, I had a great time with this one. Despite being too tired to go out drinking with the guys after Game Four, I felt this one could not have been better. I think we’ve honed the scoring system to the best version yet, with TD +/-, then Head-to-Head and after that bonus points being used to settle all ties. Turns out we didn’t need it for the top slot: Jim Gradwell walked away undefeated (5 Wins and a Tie). Two of his travel mates, Joe Hainstock and Phil Pearson, went to the tiebreaker, having tied in their head-to-head game. Well done, gentlemen.

We had some celebs out this time: Brian Tew, fresh from winning the Chaos Cup, and Paul Gegg, fresh from top table at Chaos Cup (losing Game 6 to Brian), both fell to the middle in this one. Dave O’Neill, trying out an experimental Chaos Pact team, was not able to recreate the success of his cheeseball classic Dwarf build from 2011. Former Spike Champ Kavinay Kishor landed 4th, and also holds the title of “Best Comeback,” having recovered from a shaky opening day to jump 19 spaces from his low-table standing in Game 3.

Stunties fought for their cup this time out, with three coaches earning 3 wins each. Damion Gilzean’s 3-0-1 record took the trophy for his Halfling Team Dumplings. The fourth stunty team, an experimental Skink-and Krox team, was too much of a risk, earning Jon Dawes the Dead Last trophy. Still, a good experimental team.

Steve Lemky brought his Union Carbide out of hiatus. Having won the painting trophy in a landslide in 2009, he thought it was time to dust it off and remind us all of Dow Chemical’s biggest industrial disaster. It was a relatively close race with Mike Adams’s Necro team Creepshow, but I think that centre piece Beast of Nurgle took the trophy for him.

I think everyone’s secret favourite player was Tom Rumery, DarkOrc20, whose running line of “Fuck you ED!” became the theme of the weekend. Despite a strong start for Rumery’s Humans, Ed pulled out a win in that mirror match, securing the team of Ed Erik a shot at the top ten and relegating Tom to mid-field obscurity. From time to time, even as late as the second day, poor dice rolls or surprise successes from Tom’s opponents would be met with a cry of “Fuck you ED!”

Special thanks again to folks who donated to our prize table. Imperial Hobbies in Richmond once again covered our table with an assortment of games and comics ranging from goofy curiosities to some real treasures. Thanks once more for helping me clean out some of the old games and minis cluttering my apartment. A couple of our locals, Dave O’Neill and Rob Gordon donated fully painted teams, and Trevor Bowser followed up last year’s Amazon team donation with his latest creation, a freak Norse team with a Biohazard theme. Fantastic, giving the team right off your back, two years in a row! Trevor is building up a database of models and is planning to sell 3D printed teams in the near future. Model sculptors, look out.

I’d also like to thank all of the out-of-towners for coming out in force and making this an international event. In addition to our all-star British Invasion, we had a good number of coaches from Alberta, a couple of the usual suspects from Oregon, and a couple of guys from the Island. Brian Tew returned from Utah. And of course the Most Travelled award goes to Andrew Imms, who decided to take time from his vacation from New Zealand to get in a weekend of Blood Bowl. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend your time.

Well that’s it. It was kind of disappointing to end this one, because it ran so smoothly. You’re a great bunch of guys, competitive players, great sports, and we’re already looking forward to next year! – Michael.

Player NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .TiebreakersCoaching
Jim GradwellJimjimanyWood Elf50113351220350
Joe HainstockJoemanjiWood Elf4021429825310
Phil PearsonPurplegooWood Elf4021168715310
Kavinay KishorWarpstoneWood Elf42012691030260
Keller ReeveskeggiemckillLizardman4209481030260
Ed Law / Erik Arntsenedwad69 / killerbeanHuman420989620260
Robert RousePythrrOrc31284111025245
David Rolstadkb10rLizardman3128512725245
Paul GeggGeggsterChaos Dwarf312966325245
Cameron PeltzMr. BloodweiserUndead312119241530245
Trevor BowserislandtrevorDark Elf31297111315245
Gary Thorpegary_turboHuman3129817430245
Damion GilzeanTremereHalfling321118132025220
Kristian Hargreaveswedge22Chaos Dwarf3219718845220
Michael AdamsnitnitNecromantic330648730195
Travis ChildsFrostituteChaos Dwarf330101001330195
James EbyDixonciderDark Elf330101241320195
Dan SteticWyzardHalfling3306852210195
Shawn WowkOcrumsprugGoblin33071381725195
Sean ConradBalbaroyChaos Dwarf2228610830180
Tom RumeryDarkOrk20Human2311110121440155
Stephen BarryFreakymetalheadNecromantic2317791030155
Tony HoganRedmanChaos23188171235155
David BurroughsBeorgNorse2316714840155
Craig McAreegeneraljasonUndead23189151035155
Brian TewGritherChaos Dwarf2316916730155
Trent FrostadTrentusVampire2316153125155
Andrew ImmsAll_BarkChaos12377121125140
Tyler ReeveslordchaosNorse240813211840130
Dave O'NeilldarkangeldaveChaos Pact1328821640115
Geoff RoscoeBearUnderworld132913132125115
Kevin LorenzKmlorenzSkaven141121414174090
Steve LemkyBlammahamNurgle141591183090
Dale GonwickmrblackWood Elf1508126133065
Lair AshmeadInnerdemonNorse15061112143065
Jon DawesendycarusLizardman0513201127525