Spike! Magazine Tournament 2013

Spike! Champion – Travis Childs
“Revengencingesters” – Undead

Second Place – Kaare Foged
“Quick n Dirty” – Dark Elf

Third Place – Magnus Lyrberg
“Toastwood Treehuggers” – Wood Elf

Painting – Michael Adams
“Mammalian Locomotion” – Amazon

Sportsmanship – Jason Weaver
“Hag Graef HelDrakes” – Dark Elf

Endzone Hog- David Granberg
“Tonarangest” – Dark Elf

The Wall – Tyler Reeves
“The Shockers” – Norse

Rambo – Eric Weber
“Stumptown Puddlestompers” – Orc

Goblin Tribal Leeg – Anders Jansson
“Smoky Bay Contenders” – Halfling

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Kristian Hargreaves
“Mainland Maulers” – Ogre

The Glittering Prizes

Random thoughts:

(Quick correction: Owing to a paperwork error (careful, guys), turns out Murray did not win Best Defense. Instead, it will be awarded to Tyler Reeves.)

Well, this turns out to have been the smoothest Spike! ever, despite some last-minute problems with the hand out. Every round was on time and nearly everyone turned his paperwork in right after his game, and most filled it out right! So that made it easier than ever to keep the rounds running on time.

Kaare Foged, last year’s winner, returned to defend his title, and he came damned close! It came down to the bonus points, but it did raise an interesting discussion afterward: next year and going forward, we will be changing the tie-breaker so that head-to-head record will be the first tie-breaker, then the bonus points, and then the other usual tie-breakers. Had we done it that way this year, the results would be the same, but we imagined the possibility of two guys tying in score and having played. It would be bad, we think, for the loser of the head-to-head round to win overall. As it happens, Kaare and Travis did play, and Travis won that game. So, all’s well that ends well.

We had a real Viking invasion this year, with 4 Swedes in addition to Kaare from Denmark. And like Kaare, these guys were veterans. David Granberg had won the Chaos Cup, with Jonas Lindgren coming Third. Anders Jansson for his part had won the Stunty Cup, and he went on to win that here as well. Seriously, look at this:

Anders is a real character, and his energetic “Puggy Blitz” was a crowd favourite, earning him a tying result for Best Sportsmanship along with the Goblin Tribal Leeg trophy.

But there was just no stopping Travis Childs, one of our guests from Portland. His expert play (and for the sake of his opponents, I am sure some dice luck) found him at the top of a few lists, including Casualties and Defense. Kaare did give him a run for it though, nearly tying the game they played in Round 4.

Best comeback goes to Trevor Bowser, who followed two losses and a tie on day one with 3 wins on day two, advancing 28 places.

Special thanks again to folks who donated to our prize table. The donations on top of the items we purchased from Impact! Miniatures filled out the table so that every player was able to take something home. Thanks once more for helping Michael clean out the old games and minis cluttering his apartment. But wow! special kudos to Trevor Bowser, who donated the painted Amazon team he was playing with! Trevor is building up a database of models and is planning to sell 3D printed teams in the near future. Model sculptors, look out.

I’d also like to thank all of the out-of-towners for coming out in force and making this an international event. In addition to our 2-tournament Viking Contingent, we had a good number of coaches from Alberta, the now-regular Ordo group, and Andy Brandt of Rat City club in Seattle. A newcomer to our event was Bryan Tew from Utah. We’d met him at Iron Mike’s event in Spokane, where he took top prize. The competition was definitely strong this time around.

This year we returned to an old project and gave away special play cards. We found that without a physical card set, most coaches would not bother using cards as Inducement Options in League play. We got a kick out of making them a few years back (you’ll note some of the references in the pictures are a bit dated), and we wanted to share them with more people. We have a few extras for sale on the Store page (or we will, depending on whether I update that page before you read this).

Well that’s it. This was an event to be proud of, and we’re already looking forward to next year! – Craig.

Player NameTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .SportsCoaching
Travis ChildsValhalla Revengencingesters51013324829325
Kaare FogedDark Elf (Quick 'n' Dirty)5109391129325
Magnus LyrbergWood Elf (Toastwood Treehuggers)4021148830310
Jonas LindgrenNorse (Southside Malcontents411105121030285
Tyler ReevesNorse (The Shockers)41194181530285
David RolstadLizardman (Tian Coatl)41111714526285
Jason CaseboltDwarf (Diet Mountain Crew)3037414928270
Andy BrandtSkaven (Rat City Wrecking Crew)42012991930260
Bryan TewNorse (Rocky Mountain Ravagers)4208817629260
Dan SigerAmazon (Full Moons)3128616826245
Michael AdamsAmazon (Mammalian Locomotion)312126111630245
Geoff RoscoeNorse (Vikings!)31276131829245
David GranbergDark Elf (Tonarangest)321149101128220
Sean CotterNorse (Thighs of Valour)32187141322220
John MacIntoshOrc (Orcules)321858229220
Ryder ReevesChaos Dwarf (Suped-Up)3218611827220
Ivan BlauhornChaos Pact (Matt Crushers)3216510629220
Murray CampbellLizardman (Serpentine Everglorious)3218591028220
Trevor BowserAmazon (Canadian Maidens)32110871030220
Cameron PeltzOrc (Kamz Krusherz)321756428220
Kavinay KishorUndead (Olde World Wrappers)2137414530205
Lee EisnerWood Elf (Disposable Heroes)2131386930205
Michael McAreeHigh Elf (Ulthuan Lords)33013841029195
Matt BlauhornAmazon (Wonder Women)33066111229195
Ryan SenNecromantic (Little Things)3309126728195
Brent MooneyChaos Dwarf (Kill Shots and KOs)33081212628195
Dave O'NeillDark Elf (Dark Side of the Faerie)222121111828180
Ed LawHuman (Chippendales)2228816629180
Mark BurckhardAmazon (Xin-Xinati Bengals)222776830180
Mike HaskinsSkaven (Hallowe'eners)22212931629180
Sean ConradDark Elf (Typhoid Candy)23112138529155
Keller ReevesSlann (Slannequins)231996630155
Tony HoganHuman (Red's Rabble)2317115928155
Shane O'BrienAmazon (Stumptown Strumpets)2315821229155
Greg FriesenDark Elf (Cowboyz)1239919525140
Anders JanssonHalfling (Smoky Bay Contenders)123610171330140
Jon DawesHigh Elf (Tiranoc Titans)12391011729140
Dan CoburnDark Elf (Lords of Night)123101371624140
Chris BurowUndead (Vigor Mortis)2408119429130
Steve LemkyWood Elf (Padded Leather)240101022128130
Shawn WowkGoblin (Durtee Dodgaz)24081052029130
Damion GilzeanDwarf (Golden Nuggets)1328911829115
Ian SealeOrc (Remedial Rampage)1329137925115
Dale GonwickKhemri (Monumental)1413715162990
Trent FrostadNorse (Great White Norse)1415104153090
Jason WeaverDark Elf (Hag Graef HelDrakes)141715263090
Mike FunkDwarf (Orange Crush)1505101162965
Eric WeberOrc (Stumptown Puddlestompers)1503142083065
Ryan AllanOgre (2 Dev Krew)15031410212765
Kristian HargreavesOgre (Mainland Maulers)05151615243025