Spike! Magazine Tournament 2012

Spike! Champion – Kaare Foged (kfoged)
“Quick ‘n Dirty” – Dark Elf

Second Place – Tony Hogan (Redman)
“Hells Bells” – Chaos

Third Place – John MacIntosh (Atropabelladonna)
“Drunk Stars” – Norse

Painting – Michael Adams (nitnit)
“Da’ Mek Boyz” – Orc

Sportsmanship – Chris Cameron (Coolice)
“Rough Ratters” – Skaven

Endzone Hog- Kavinay Kishor (Warpstone)
“Passholes” – Wood Elf

The Wall – Mike Lawrence (gazgul)
“Urban Legends” – Human

Rambo – Chris Norris (hellcannon)
“Deathroller Daffodils” – Dwarf

Goblin Tribal Leeg – David Rolstad (kb10r)
“Hell Pit” – Ogre

Glass Joe (Dead Last) – Damion Gilzean (tremere)
“Knights of the Golden Tankard” – Dwarf

The Glittering Prizes

Random thoughts: You can’t say we didn’t warn you: Kaare Foged, former NAF Champion, 3rd place at this year’s Chaos Cup and a veteran of the NAF World Cup in Amsterdam (where he went 5/1/3 with Dark Elves), this guy was no chump. A couple of you came close to stopping him, but in the end he took the trophy with a record of 6-0-0.

Special thanks again to folks who donated to our prize table. Some of our coaches brought some unique items to add to those donated from local stores, Craving For a Game, Imperial Hobbies, and Connection Games. Again you guys helped me clear out some old games from my closet, so thanks for that.

I’d also like to thank all of the out-of-towners for coming out in force and making this an international event. In addition to the well-traveled Kaare from Denmark, we had a good number of coaches from Alberta, the ever-growing Ordo contingent (even Eric Weber made the trip this time), and the usual die-hards the Rat City club in Seattle.

Steve Lemky again helped out with this year’s give-away, a set of Block dice of his own design, as well as a Spike! d6. We have extras for sale on the Store page (or we will, depending on whether I update that page before you read this). All proceeds from the dice will be going to pay off the reforging of the Spike! trophy. That is a hell of a thing; for more information, check out the Spike! reforged page.

Made a couple of mistakes this year, owing to using new software and to the usual last-minute time crunch: well, the first error was due to inconsistent reporting on the game sheets. Damion was good enough to research that for us, proving that it was indeed he that “earned” the Glass Joe award for Dead Last and not Bryan Suave. Now, had Damion worked as hard playing his games as he did to correct the paperwork on one of his games … well then he wouldn’t be Damion would he?

The other error was that we missed the top Stunty team, and awarded the trophy to Shawn Wowk for his 2-1-3 record with his Goblins, We Iznt’ Crap. As it happens, the award should have gone to David Rolstad’s Hell Pit Ogre team. We’ll ship the trophy to him once we can clean off all the Goblin grease.

Thanks as ever to Erik Arnsten. Winner of last year’s Coaching award, he decided to sit this one out and enter data with me. Then when we saw we had an odd number of coaches, I made a team to even it out. Thanks for putting up with the bait-and-switch, Erik; I’m sure I owe you a beer or two for that.
– Mike.

Player NameNAF IDTeamWin .Loss .Tie .TD + .TD - .Cas + .Cas - .SportsCoaching
1Kaare FogedkfogedDark Elf (Quick 'n' Dirty)60014491325405
2Tony HoganRedmanChaos (Hells Bells)51010617525355
3John MacIntoshAtropabelladonnaNorse (Drunk Stars)411103151823330
4Mike LawrenceGazgulHuman (Urban Legends)4119310721320
5Travis ChildsFrostituteUnderworld (Bound for Doom)411105131123315
6Tyler ReeveslordchaosNorse (The Shockers)42011417923310
7Chris NorrishellcannonDwarf (Deathroller Daffodils)4209421423305
8Sean ConradBalbaroyNecromantic (House of Frightenstein)420127131123295
9Kavinay KishorWarpstoneWood Elf (Passholes)42014441223285
10Cameron PeltzMr.BloodweiserOrc (Kamz Krushers)4208710424285
11Andy BrandtKhailChaos Dwarf (Dhurin Vahr Demolishers)312116141024280
12James EbyDixonciderSkaven (Clan Skryre Skampeders)42010721324275
13Craig McAreegeneraljasonDark Elf (Das Boots)31296101325275
14Mark BurckhardBurkOrc (Red River Fire Bellys)3127412725270
15Matt BlauhornMajykAmazon (Wonder Women)3128613722270
16Toby PowerRustycanNorse (Wyld Stallyns)32110914821255
17Steve BarryFreakymetalheadNecromantic (Shambling Striders)204118111523250
18Chris StrodelediciusHuman (Black Dragons)321879823245
19Ryan AllenberucheHuman (Hulk a Maniacs)321131071419240
20Kristian Hargreaveswedge22Dark Elf (Nevermore Ravens)21313981223230
21Michael McAreepoundfistHigh Elf (Ulthuan Lords)33091181624225
22Chris CameronCooliceSkaven (Rough Ratters)330101091225220
23Eric WeberRaindogOrc (Stumptown Puddle Stompers)330679625220
24Dave O'NeillDarkangeldaveChaos Dwarf (Slaves & Masters of Metal)22256121124210
25Ryan SenhumongeloidHuman (Old World Gladiators)2221111121322205
26David Rolstadkb10rOgre (Hell Pit)22246171621200
27Daniel ThomsonneonknightKhemri (Loot N' Rob 'Em)23199141522195
28Trent FrostadTrentusSkaven (Pack a Ratz)2311011131924195
29Ed Lawedwad69Chaos Dwarf (Taco Bull)2317715823190
30Shawn WowkOcrumsprugGoblin (We Izn't Crap)2311011112021185
31Michael GoodmurphyGood1975Chaos Dwarf (Blood & Fire's Blodgers)23181314424185
32Sean CotterluvvermanNorse (Thighs of Valor)23191114922180
33Shane O'Briensavion47Ogre (Purple People Eaters)231711141922180
34Dan SigerjollyorkLizardman (Melakor Fiends)1145571524180
35Michael AdamsnitnitOrc (Da' Mek Boyz)2315781225175
36Simon ThomsenDr.EvilGoblin (Upton Park Hooligans)231610101522175
37Jason WeaverweavHuman (Dinamo Kislev B.B.C.)23161191025175
38Jeff RidenourzootsuitjeffOrc (Bow Your Head!)1239814523175
39Mike FunkAwruanNecromantic (Nuffle's Shufflers)1234718619170
40Keller ReeveskeggiemckillHalfling (Nuffel Gonna Stand in My Way)24048121323165
41Byron RitcheyChaosChasNorse (Odin's Hammer)132711201323160
42David DesjardinsThraxWood Elf (Frelling Thracians)24091181724155
43Lee EisnerSpaceman_SpiffHuman (Epic Fail)24081041824155
44Geoff RoscoeBearChaos Dwarf (Jones Street Boys)0158914622150
45Ivan BlauhornbadcuzHuman (Karlstad Krushers)13291091123145
46Jonathan DawesendycarusOgre (Potatoes)13259131924145
47Rob GordonMr.GordonOrc (Green Meenies)0155711823145
48Jason CaseboltCaseboltAmazon (Sinsinnati Bludgeon)1326881323140
49Lair AshmeadInnerdemonLizardman (Lustria Tsunami)14181071124120
50Dan CoburnvampireloganOrc (Fires Uv Deff)1505129923100
51Bryan SuavecanadinnerdVampire (Nightmarin)0513164162040
52Damion GilzeanTremereDwarf (Knights of the Golden Tankard)051214662540