Spike! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship 2019

Dates: Saturday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 2nd
Location: Atrium Inn, 2889 E Hasting St, Vancouver, BC
Booking: https://www.atriuminn.ca or (866) 238-4218 Use code “Spike” for group rate. Rate good until 30 days prior to event.
Time: 8AM Registration
Contact: Steve or Mike
Email: thunder-bowl@hotmail.com

Additional Information:
- Registration $60
- 6 games Swiss-style
- Special Unique Souvenir for all participants

The SPIKE! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship is the Canadian Blood Bowl Major.
There are four major tournaments annually, each in a different country. These are:
1. The Dungeonbowl, Germany
2. The Blood Bowl, each year at GW HQ in Nottingham, England
3. The Spike! Magazine Trophy, each year in BC, Canada
4. The Chaos Cup, October each year in Chicago, Illinois, USA